New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community, Through Integrity, Transparency, and Change

As I reflect on the city when I first moved here in 2003, it was a quaint expanding city and able to go across town for key services in approximately 10 minutes.  The City had many big businesses in town (like SAP) that were looking to expand or move-in as we had an essential amenity, BART, the ability to house the workforce with new options, however, nobody really knew where Dublin was until you referenced 580/680.

Today, we are the city that has had a significant housing boom, as some would say more units per square mile than most adjacent cities, which has become known as a bedroom community:

  • Losing major businesses like SAP

  • Lacking a vision for a downtown,

  • Having congested streets taking kids as much time as 45 minutes to get to school in the morning

  • Infrastructure that is overwhelmed

  • A looming deficit with no real formed plan to address the city being sustainable into the future as we currently depend on the permitting fees from development to fund our growing expenses.

I was born and raised in the East Bay, Hayward, a Dublin resident for over 15 years (the furthest east I have ever lived), seen the city grow for more than 4 decades, vested in the city, and have three kids in the school system. 


Over the past two decades of my career, I have worked on the delivery of over $300B in infrastructural projects throughout the nation, state, and region – many of which you all enjoy today.  Through my career I have developed an in-depth understanding of government fund management, delivery with transparency and accountability, which has become part of my core values and strengths.  In addition, having been an Intelligent Transportation Systems Professional, Engineer, and Project Delivery professional, I have developed a unique perspective, which I believe can be utilized to the advantage of the citizens of Dublin and the Region.

In 2016, I was honored to be elected with strong support to City Council to be your voice of change and take a stand to ensure the “community vision” is delivered.  Today, with the utmost confidence, I have kept 100% of my promises and continue to deliver on my commitments to the community, having a “Clean Money Campaign”. 


As many of you might be aware, the City of Dublin is as at a critical juncture, we are nearly built out, with a looming deficit, and lacking infrastructure to lead us successfully into the future.  This can't be changed overnight, but we can alter the direction and improve our outlook over the next few years, and we can start making the right changes now!

Dublin today is a great place to live – don’t take me wrong, but it has become burdened by quick growth and expansion over the past decade. 

Dublin has done a great community and regional service by exceeding our Regional Housing Necessity Act targets,  known as RHNA, for the next several years, it’s time for this burden to be borne by others, while we take a pause to address our schools over-crowding impacting the future of our next generation and our infrastructure.  We need to change course Now and Become a Silicon Valley City, or as some may remember back in the early 2000’s “Digital Dublin”.

As a strategic planner, I know that the delivery of these three main pillars needs to commence within the first 90 days when I am in office.  This will start with the formation of four committees – Directly reporting to myself, the future Mayor of Dublin, CA.

  1. Business Expansion Committee

  2. Watchdog / Financial Advisory Committee

  3. Safety Advisory Committee

  4. Multi-modal Advisory Committee


During my term, I will be focused on establishing policy that will help the City lead the future, whether it be from having autonomous shuttles or becoming a technology based city, we need to focus on becoming a “Smart City”. 

Making Dublin a "Smart City" has the ability to harness the benefits of innovation and information technology by improving the lives of citizens, by becoming more streamlined, efficient and sustainable.  A few initial areas of focus will be a vision for intelligent transport management systems and infrastructure, movement toward sustainable energy, efficient buildings, better air quality, and the use of technology.  Reflecting back to 2013-2016 traffic from the central valley to the bay increased over 27%.  We as a City need to adjust with the times - address congestion and goods movement working collaboratively with the Region.

In closing, Dublin 2 years from now under my leadership WILL BE: 

Safer, More transparent, a more engaged Community, bringing businesses back to Dublin, Developing economic growth and vibrancy, Developing the implementation plan with road map for the Vision of Pedestrian Friendly Retail, including the delivery guidelines to establish a “new” Downtown/Town Center, all while slowing the housing boom to allow for focus on OUR infrastructure.

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