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June 22, 2018

Tim Talk: Hot election season expected in Dublin

by Tim Hunt / Pleasanton Weekly

The fall election season is shaping up to be an interesting one locally, particularly in Dublin where Dubliners United can be expected to mount a serious challenge to existing city policies.

Incumbent Councilman Arun Goel, who has a safe seat, already has announced he plans to challenge Mayor David Haubert, who has been elected mayor three times and will be seeking his fourth and final two-year term. For Goel, it's a perfect time to challenge him from a safe seat.


June 8, 2018

Arun Goel aims for Mayor of Dublin, California

by Ritu Jha

“Lone wolf” candidate aims to address effects of overpopulation....


June 21, 2018

Yo India TV Coverage

June 3, 2018

Arun's First 90 days in office - "The Plan"

Formation of four strategic committees – Directly reporting to myself, the future Mayor of Dublin, CA.

  1. Business Expansion Committee – An advisory board led by top Silicon Valley technology Executives (already living here in Dublin) along with other local business leaders designed to target and bring technology companies back to Dublin and help business thrive in Dublin.  Today we send stuffed buses full of employees to Apple, Google, and Facebook instead of bringing their satellite offices to Dublin – we have the connectivity and are centrally connected with transit options.  We need to do whatever it takes to keep companies like SAP to stay in town.

  2. Watchdog / Financial Advisory Committee – An advisory committee that provides direct advice and guidance on policy issues related to transparency, oversight toward the city’s financial prudence, evaluation of economic areas of concern to address issues like the deficit, while ensuring essential services are maintained and/or increased like the police force and developing an enhanced procurement contracting policy.

  3. Safety Advisory Committee – An advisory committee that will work on increasing safety elements in Dublin by evaluating the immediate need to increase police force, again let me be clear, it’s not a crisis, but it’s always helpful to have additional forces at hand.  Increase public engagement and awareness via a Safety Outreach Program that trains citizens on common practices, for instance situational awareness, vigilance, and how to respond to significant incidents.  Safety of the citizens of Dublin is critical to me, as I have worked closely with the police force and understand its importance coming from the utility industry.

  4. Multi-modal Advisory Committee – An advisory committee to provide guidance and input on policies, programs, and community engagement related to multi-modal transportation. The committee will be comprised of members drawn from various interests, perspectives, and stakeholder groups, including bicycle riders, pedestrians, transit riders, vehicle drivers, people with disabilities and other mobility-system users. One of the committee’s goals will be to ensure that people, youth to the elderly, can safely use our mobility system and that it supports quality of life and economic vibrancy of Dublin.

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